About us!

It all began as an idea in February of 2013 with no specific destination in sight for a small team of passionate people who are chemists of love.  Success did not happen overnight. There were many twists and turns along the way. The break-through moment came when the demand for soft, healthy, natural skin along with natural scents & oils became highly demanded by many (Vh1, radio hosts, NBA players, NFL players as well as BET rip the runway and many gift bag ideas), results were immediate. 

we believe that great quality products, rather than the usual plain marketing, speak for us. We hand make everything as it is ordered.  We create with knowledge, love & healing in mind.

Here at Kreamie's we believe our first responsibility is to provide excellent healing, guidance & help to anyone who comes our way needing our services. 

We pride ourselves on the daily feedback we get from our customers and long time clients about all of the great products and successfully, soft, clear skin they have come to love.  

Kreamie's has now expanded from just an online shop to a well known international name. Our priority is to see our customers happy and feeling their best!

We appreciate our consistently growing family of natural skincare aficionados and earth-conscious connoisseurs to people who just love great quality products!

Bringing happiness, joy, love and healthy skin to customers' hearts & soul is what we strive for daily.

Kreamie's Collection loves you!